Why Global Sales Growth

Because of today’s fast-paced, digitally centered world, personal relationships lie at the heart of business growth. Global Sales Growth recognizes that business development depends on bridging the gaps between individuals, companies and cultures.

With decades of experience in the way business is genuinely conducted across the globe, Gail Rockburne knows how to relate to the people who are key to your company’s success.

In the diverse world of commerce, Gail offers strong interpersonal skills and advanced knowledge of business relationships. Let Global Sales Growth help you convert leads into loyal clients.

About Gail Rockburne

Gail Rockburne

Gail Rockburne is an international business consultant with decades of experience living and working in the Americas. A pioneer in global thinking, Gail is a keen observer, international trend spotter and writer about the role of culture & overcoming challenges in the international business arena.

As an international business growth consultant, Gail helps company leaders find success in their endeavors by anticipating and proactively dealing with the cultural challenges they face in their new environment.

She was on the forefront of cross-border trade and trade promotion in the years leading up to NAFTA, and has continued to facilitate successful international trade activities ever since.

In 2014, Gail relocated to one of the fastest-growing areas of the U.S.: North Atlanta Georgia, seeing that professionals with a true international perspective were underserved in the area. She assists several chambers of commerce & international development organizations throughout the Southeast USA.

Gail is an avid reader who recently formed a book club. Her other interests include learning about fine wines, supporting the visual arts and practicing her knowledge of Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana)

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