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Mr and Mrs Rockburne

Things We Take for Granted

As my husband and I headed down a windy gravel road on the west side of Blue Sea Lake in Northwest Quebec, we noticed a popular tree positioned across the road directly on a power line. We didn’t think much about this picture as we were determined to reach our rental cottage before sunset. Our goal was to put the perishables in the refrigerator, unpack our suitcases and set up the kitchen for our annual vacation.

Six Degrees Of Separation

Atlantans are avid travelers both domestic and internationally. You never know when you will meet someone from your adopted hometown that reinforces the concept “Six Degrees Of Separation” Allow me to share an experience on a recent trip to Palo Alto, California to attend my grandson’s graduation from Stanford University.

Cultures May Be Different, But Planning Is The Same

by Nicholas Bruner

I recently returned from a trip to Germany and found that it doesn’t matter what business you are in, when it comes to crossing borders and operating in more than one country, the relationships built on the front end are crucial to ensuring success early.

Are YOU Hiring Robots Yet?

Following up on her January article about technology trends for 2016, Deborah Gonzalez tackles the dynamic growth of robots and artificial intelligence in business in this guest post. The trend is real, but is added efficiency always the best option? Here’s what our colleague has to say.

By Deborah Gonzalez, Esq.

A Toast to the King!

Local members of the Dutch community and their guests gathered last week to celebrate King’s Day (Koningsdag), an annual nationwide party honoring the birthday of King...

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To Do or Not to Do: Choosing the Right Networking Event

GailNetworkingEventIf you’re like many international professionals, you’re realizing that we’re already into the second month of 2016 and thinking about networking as a way to strengthen your business success in the coming year. But time is limited and with so many different types of events and activities to choose from, it can be tough to know which ones to attend.

Chickens & Eggs!

Did you know … the poultry industry provides over 100,00 jobs in Georgia? Did you know … Georgia produces on average 29 million pounds of chicken a...

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Bridging the Cultural Gap

In business, as in so many other arenas, success depends on personal relationships. Whatever the nature of your company’s work, the sales you make and...

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Driving Differences in the US

You’ve probably been driving for many years and consider yourself, quite reasonably, to be knowledgeable about the rules as well as technically proficient. When you...

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World Cup Fever Has Taken Hold

Goooooooaaaaaallll! World Cup fever has finally arrived on US shores. The signs are everywhere: you’ll see soccer on TVs in virtually every bar and restaurant,...

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Canada Has a Sea Serpent

The Confederation Bridge in Canada links Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick, crossing the Northumberland Strait at a point known as the Abegweit Passage. Opened...

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Piercing the Mask of Culture

Humans around the world experience similar emotions, but we don’t all express them the same way. Most people are aware of culturally driven differences in language,...

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Shanghai’s Lupu Bridge

With the advent of the Chinese Year of the Snake on February 10, 2013, it seems only fitting that our tour of magnificent bridges take...

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Welcome To the Temple of the Great Sports God

Wherever you are, building the strong personal connections that facilitate trust is a prerequisite to establishing productive business relationships. If you are new to the US and its culture, this can be a formidable task. What are the subtleties of culture that lead to connection in this different context?

Wurzbug alte Mainbrucke in Wurzburg, Germany

Wurzburg alte Mainbrucke

Wurzburg alte Mainbrucke is a fascinating European landmark with roots that date back to antiquity. This stone arch bridge was first erected by about 1120,...

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